Danny's Story

Pakistan and India

Entering Pakistan they came to Quetta, a big military town, and stayed for a few days to recuperate, then on to Lahore on the Pakistan/India border.pakistan_map

After a week they both became ill again and couldn’t eat or do anything. They saw a sign for a nice new YMCA that was built with Canadian funds and headed there. They were given free room and board since they were Canadian and so sick. One night after going to the bathroom Danny fainted on the floor, he found himself back in bed where someone had lifted him. He was skin and bones weighing only 140 pounds. They ended up staying at the YMCA for two weeks until they got over this bug.

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Once they were up and healthy again they continued on towards India arriving at the border around 5:30 p.m. which was too late. The Pakistani border guard invited them to his house for dinner and to stay the night. Dinner was curry that was so hot, that from the first bite their mouth was on fire. Eating the naan bread and drinking water they managed to eat a bit, but never in their lives, to this day have they ever eaten anything so hot! Breakfast was dhal, which is like lentils and on their way they went. The Pakistani people were exceptionally nice and friendly.



Crossing into India brought them to Amritsar where the famous Sikh Golden Temple is. They were starting to get low on funds but the black market gave them double the official exchange rate, which helped. It was at this point that Peter left them and went to Bombay to catch a ship to take him back to Australia.


Arriving in New Delhi they visited the British High Commission, (they didn’t call them embassies) and were advised to sell the jeep in Nepal which would bring them a good profit. They secured a Nepalese visa, but never did go to Nepal because they ended up staying with a man they met at the market. Near his house was a park and so they got the idea of setting up an auction. They auctioned off tools, spare parts and anything else they could think of with the draw of ‘Made in England’. People just gathered around and they made themselves a fair amount of money in Indian rupees to the equivalent of $50, a good amount at the time.

On their way to Kanpur from New Delhi they stopped in Agra where the Taj Mahal is located. Danny had severe stomach cramps and thought he had appendicitis so they went to a small hospital. They were told that the Dr. was sleeping so Danny told them to wake him up or he would go get him personally! The Dr. showed up, diagnosed the pain as colic, prescribed antacid tablets and told him to find a bed to sleep in for the night. All the beds were filthy, blood and vomit stained and with the stench of urine and diarrhea all around. He pulled all the sheets off one bed and laid down on the bare mattress and tried to sleep. In the middle of the night a lady with a baby who was having a difficult time breathing came in to the hospital. Again the Dr. was unavailable. A guy in dirty short pants came by and put oxygen near the babies face without even a mask. The baby died. Danny had had enough, he was very upset and had to leave this place quick, but before he did he asked to see the Dr. one more time. When the Dr. finally showed up he told him he was a disgrace to the medical profession among other things and walked out without paying. 

The next night they went to see the Taj Mahal. What a spectacular sight with its long reflecting pool and the moon shimmering down on it. What a paradox from the hospital! They arrived after hours and met a young tour guide, being their endearing selves, the young man offered to give them a free tour. The Taj Mahal was actually built as a tomb for the wife of the Mughal Emperor and is one of the worlds most celebrated structures and a symbol of India’s history.



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