This is the town we have been staying in. Today (Monday) we went biking along the many paved bike routes to a little man made lake and sat in the sunshine at an outdoor cafe, bliss! We toured a little village complete with it’s own windmill called Winkle van Sinkle, and of course the church with it’s steeple, always the highest point of any village. The bike I’m using is Janna’s, now Janna is 6’+ and so the bike is a too big for me. Also it doesn’t have hand brakes but the peddle backwards type, this is a bad combination! Since it’s a large and very heavy bike, stopping was a problem, as long as I could keep going I was fine. After I fell twice we switched bikes, David’s bike was not quite as big and even though it had the bar was easier to handle. It was an adventure! We offered to make dinner tonight so we made that typical Canadian dish – chicken tacos with flan for desert. It was a total hit.

Tuesday we ventured off in the car again with our friend Tom Tom to Delft where they still make the typical Dutch pottery by hand. Got a tour, and of course had to buy a piece, very expensive so I just got a little piece to remind me of our time here in Holland. The town of Delft is another picturesque town that is a postcard everywhere you look. Tiny streets making their way through the old town with the houses right on the edge of the road, you can look inside as you drive by and see what they are eating! Next we headed to the ocean. Here we are on a four laned highway each way and overpasses and underpasses and looking down there is a little piece of beautiful rich green pastureland with sheep on it, quite the contrast. At the North Sea there are beautiful sandy beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see. Who would have thought?  There is a long board walk with lovely restaurants all along the way with their patio type furniture all facing the ocean. The weather is spectacular and there were a few swimming, but most just sunbathing.

This is is our last day here, tomorrow we go to the hotel for the 3 day summit then off to Belgium and France! I am loving this, it is all I imagined and more.

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