Europe/South Africa Vacation

Paris – Day One

Our hotel in Brussels was exactly across the street from the Central train station but set back from the road by a large court yard. We walked out of the hotel, across the court yard, across the busy street and into the station. In an area of town that was not the best, I was relieved to find our hotel a bright spot, it was new and so conveniently located. We took the fast train from Brussels to Paris, 250 miles per hour getting us to Paris in one hour and 15 minutes. Next a local train to our destination. The B&B was half a block off the main road where the train stopped and again I was a bit nervous about our accommodations. In a building that was built in the 1600’s, we put in the code and opened the massive door that led to a small hall with another door and another code. An elderly gentleman arrived and led us into his home. Wow! 12 foot ceilings, surrounded by paintings and antique furniture. There were two bedrooms in one area but he only rents one at a time so we would have our privacy, the bathroom just outside the door. We also have a large sitting room with a large tv that is separate from the rest of the house. Giles made us tea and took out a map to show us the area. I am overwhelmed and so blessed. The bed is king size and so comfortable. The windows are 6 FT. high and are directly on the street, but there are two sets of windows and then a set of shutters so it’s quiet and very private.

Heading out we walked the gardens of Luxembourg and made our way to The Norte Dame Cathedral. It is beyond words. The detail on every column, the size, the ceilings and stained glass, just a marvel. It was built over 800 years ago and took 180 years to build. People pay to light candles and there are candles lit everywhere. Hard to describe the feeling of standing inside this majestic building. And this is just one of the many churches and buildings that make up Paris and all of Europe.

Grabbing a baguette sandwich we got on the subway to make our way to the Eiffel Tower. It’s huge! Was not expecting it to be so big. Waited in line to get on the elevator to the first level, then another elevator all the way to the top. It’s 301 m tall with only a few countries having anything taller. Canada has the CN Tower at 457 m and Dubai’s tower at 848 m! The view was breathtaking. We stayed up until the lights started coming on – magical and so romantic 🙂 There were cheers coming from the other side as a proposal was taking place, a common event I’m sure. As soon as it’s dark enough, every hour there is a 5 min. twinkle light show which we saw from below standing on the bridge over the Seine. Sigh…

Rather than taking the metro back we splurged and rode a rick shaw type thing being pulled by a bike. We crossed the Pont Alexandra III bridge and stopped for a picture – were we brother and sister he asked – no – then we shouldn’t act like it! We are in Paris, the city of love – retake of the picture 🙂 he said we were too quick, he didn’t catch it, longer please. We obliged. Ahhhh Paris.

2 comments on “Paris – Day One

  1. Soooo blessed to know you are in this magical place, everywhere you look is so beautiful! Watch out for the French guy your hanging around with!

    Best regards, Elvia


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  2. I decided to make it official 🙂


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