Europe/South Africa Vacation

Paris – Day Two

Facts and senses overload! We took the hop on hop off bus today and listened to the history by audio while we toured the city. So much history, so many churches, monuments and government buildings and so many people! It’s mind boggling. And the cars, city busses, tour busses, scooters and bikes all weaving in and out like choreographed dance moves, it’s quite the experience from the top of an open air bus. Holland was much more orderly and calm in comparison.

Walked through the Lafayette department store which began in the 1800’s, there is an entire block dedicated to women (ten floors),  another whole block to men and another to the home, we felt like country bumpkins in the city for the first time. And we just had to buy some French perfume. Everything is huge, opulent and amazing. Even McDonald’s sells macaroons! Stopped here to use the facilities and then bought a macaroon, it was so good! Is there any bad food in France? The bathrooms were co-ed and there were no toilet seats, but they are free, everywhere else, in any public place you pay to use the bathroom.

While on the bus we spotted a man selling little Eiffel Towers for a Euro on the sidewalk. The bus was waiting for some people so Mike hopped off to buy one. Just as he is handing his money over the police come rushing up from behind yelling and waving at the seller who quickly gathers up his blanket of wares and takes off down the road. The next thing I know Mike is going after the guy and yelling too! What on earth is going on? In the midst of all the yelling and chaos the bus is getting ready to leave and I’m thinking this is great, I’m leaving my husband on the street whose gotten himself involved in a drug bust! Mike turned back and managed to get on the bus in time. The police walked away and things settled down. Apparently when this guy gathered up his stuff Mike’s earphones got caught and he ran off with them. Oh brother! Just as we were leaving the guy shows up at the side of the bus and throws the earphones up to me. Just a little excitement to keep things interesting.

For lunch we had crepes filled with spicy meat, an egg and of course cheese – very good. And on the way home we came across a little alley jam packed with all kinds of restaurants all calling out to you to choose them. We found a French one and ordered French onion soup and pate to start, the best we’ve ever had of both. Talking about food, we began our day with fresh French bread and four different kinds of homemade jellies, orange juice, coffee and croissants set out for us by Gilles our host (his wife is away for a few days so we won’t get to meet her). He helped us plan our attack for the day circling things on the map and me taking notes. What a lovely gentleman. He even offered to wash clothes for us since he knew we have been travelling for awhile already. When we got home our clothes were washed and dried, sitting in a basket by our door. We hit the jackpot with this B&B.

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  1. I can hear old French music playing in my head as I imagine while I read. It all sounds so magical! Oh to be in Paris!!! Loving this blog mom

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