Europe/South Africa Vacation

Paris – Day Three

We started our day bright and early, catching the subway to Sacre Coeur which is a stunning white church up on a hill overlooking the entire city. The church itself is beautiful and we sat down in a pew to take it all in. I know God doesn’t live in a building or in relics or rituals, but what a peaceful place to pray and meditate. Two nuns sang a lovely song, the acoustics were awesome, and a priest did a mass. In our secular world, it is nice to have the presence of churches around every corner where God is acknowledged and also worshipped. No matter how you worship, this is a good thing.

All around the church are quaint little bistros and shops on cobblestone streets that wind back down the hill. One area is filled with painters with their easels set up trying to put onto canvas what they are feeling and seeing. They will draw your portrait for you too if you like. There were musicians singing and playing traditional French songs and we sat and ate millefeuille pastry and pinched urselves to make sure this was real. Everything I’d ever imagined Paris would be like was here and it exceeded my expectations. I’ve left my heart in Paris.

From here it was all downhill, so we walked back into the city and after resting a bit we tackled the Louvre. Massive! The buildings housing The Louvre are a work of art themselves and the sheer size is daunting. We saw the Mona Lisa and got a picture to prove it. Wandered around with our headphones on and tried to take in as much as we could before our legs gave out. Such amazing talent everywhere you looked. Now we were hungry and tired, we needed to sit for awhile. There was another area we wanted to visit before we left this amazing city and that was the Jewish quarter. So we hopped on a bus and found what we were looking for, we are getting the hang of the transportation system for sure. While we were eating it started to rain, the first rain we’ve seen since we arrived in Europe. It’s been a good run so far.

Tomorrow we’re off to Zurich.

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