Europe/South Africa Vacation

Frankfurt, Germany

In Switzerland we woke up to rain, the first rainy day we’ve had, but as we travelled to Frankfurt the skies cleared and the sun started to shine. We have seats by the window facing each other with a small table between. The train isn’t full so there is no one next to us either which is so nice. The trains are so smooth and quiet, getting up to 250 miles per hour, the cars on the highway look like they are standing still. The seats are comfortable and lots of leg room for Mike, a pleasant way to travel. We’ve felt God’s blessings everyday and I’m humbled and so grateful. Again passing small towns and an occasional old castle set on a hill with its terraced crops. So neat and organized. The style of houses is simpler with straighter lines now. We arrived in the early afternoon so we were able to get settled and take an hour tour of the city. This city is different. Having been heavily bombed during WWII there are 4/5/600 year old buildings right next to 50 year old buildings, and interspersed between are very modern high rises. Below the city on several floors are the trains and subways, all connected with huge walkways all lined with any store you would find in any mall, and of course any kind of food you like. This is typical of all the underground train stations in Europe, a city below the city. Our hotel is right across from the train station, basic but clean, breakfast included. And what a breakfast! 10 different breads, a variety of cheeses, 8 types of cold meat, olives, sauerkraut, jams, cereals, yogurt, fruit, eggs, sausage, bacon, tortillas and hot sauce, lettuce and tomatoes, rice, noodles and stir fry! And of course hot and cold drinks all served on table cloths with real silverware. Something for everyone I guess. The street just up from our hotel is blocked off for traffic and is lined with food trucks and tents with a huge variety of food and fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. Of course we had to sample the local sausages, very good! And later the schnitzel and chocolate dipped almond fingers, to die for! These people like to eat! After a walking tour of the city and lots of picture taking we sat down in a large square and enjoyed the sunshine, it was 78 degrees! For October 2nd it’s unusually nice. One more night here and we go back to Amsterdam where we will catch a plane to South Africa. The adventure continues.

2 comments on “Frankfurt, Germany

  1. You’re having wonderful weather ma dea!!! It’s official Jeff moved to Miami! Continue to enjoy friend…

    Regards, Elvia



  2. Off to S. Africa today, see you in 10 days


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