Thailand Vacation

Thailand 2015

Having another adventure in my 60th year with my awesome brother Randy who invited me to go with him to Thailand to visit my other brother Danny who lives there. We flew Cathay Pacific, it’s a nice airline, taking off at 1:30am. It didn’t take me long to go to sleep and when I woke up we only had four more hours to get to Hong Kong, then another 3 hour flight to Thailand. The tv had a Berlitz program for any language so I started to learn some Thai words. Pom rak kun. I love you 🙂 Lah gorn Good bye!

Landed in Chiang Mai, Thailand at 11:00am Tuesday morning, it is 8:00pm Monday evening for us so we had to pull an all nighter to get us on Thai time.

So far it is reminding me a lot of Mexico complete with a crowing rooster next door and geckos. Loving the weather here right now, they are at the end of their winter so it is cool at night and around 65-70 during the day.  Walked in the morning, lunched downtown, biked in the afternoon, lamb for dinner, talked and talked and packed up for our 12 hour drive to the beach tomorrow.

Guilded temples and spirit houses, rice patties and sugar cane,  coconut and banana trees and thousands of scooters are some of the sites we saw on our way.  At one point along the side of the road there were bright umbrellas with signs advertising bats and rats for sale – ready to cook – in plastic bags hung on some string. Guess you’ll never run out of food if you eat rats!

Drove through Bangkok – a city of 14 million people, I was surprised that it wasn’t more chaotic. Modern high rises, endless high rise apartment buidings, two huge bridges crossing the Chao Phraya river and thanks to the toll road, no traffic jams. We drove and drove, the city is huge. On the outskirts of the city you see any form of transportation that you can imagine, 3 and 4 to a scooter, and wires – all strung through cement telephone poles, hundreds of wires it seems lining the streets.

Gas stations are very large with shops all around the perimeter, and lots of bathrooms. They are clean and well kept and free (not like Europe where they charge $2 and they are dirty). They are a bit different though, you have to stand on top of them and squat, then there is a handy bucket to pour water to flush. And you better not forget your roll of toilet paper, there is never toilet paper or paper towels, serviettes in the restaurants either.

We made it to the beach after twelve hours in the back seat of my brothers Mitsubishi pick up. So good to lay down, can’t wait to see the ocean in the morning.

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