Thailand Vacation

The Beach

Ao Manao Bay is where we landed, staying at the airforce base hotel for $30 cdn/night! Danny always did know how to get a deal. We are right on the beach facing the ocean on the 4th floor, listening to the sound of the surf, so blessed!

Everything is inexpensive in Thailand, you can buy a lovely 3 bedroom house close to the beach in a gated community for $60,000. Too bad it’s so far away. The Thai are friendly and not aggressive so it is very laid back at the market which I like. They have a morning market which is all over by 8:00, a night market, a Sunday market, a Wednesday afternoon market, you get the idea, they love the markets and do most of their shopping there. I’ve been trying lots of new things, some good, some not so good 🙂 lots of spicy and lots of fresh fruit. We had hot pot for dinner one night, that was interesting. Thai food is basically the same for breakfast lunch and dinner, garlicky rice and pork for breakfast is a bit of a stretch so it’s fruit for me and then we find a western coffee shop for a nice coffee and pastry. The rest of the time is Thai food, I love the coconut curry and fish done in some kind of leaf.

The ocean is dotted with hundreds of brightly painted fishing boats, large and small. We went to an area where the boats come to sell their catch of the day. They bring the crabs, prawns and variety of fish in plastic laundry baskets to the little lean to’s to sell. We ordered some crab and prawns and paid $50 Baht ($1.80) to have them steam it for us. Now that’s fresh!

We do more than eat 🙂 I’ve been walking the beach every morning then taking a dip in the ocean to cool off to start my day. I love this. We rented a scooter and followed the coastline for awhile, beautiful beaches all along with these little mountains that pop up out of the sea making for beautiful and varied scenery. It’s all so very peaceful and relaxing.

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