Thailand Vacation

More beach time

Going on a little side trip up the coast, we were at the narrowest part of the country and saw a sign – 9km to Myanmar, so we took it. There have been stories about people going to Myanmar and not being able to get back, so we didn’t cross the border, but there were lots of little shops all around so we went shopping! On this short trip of only an hour or so each way we saw four separate, serious accidents. Two were semi trucks flipped right over on the side of the road, All four didn’t seem to involve any other vehicle, strange!

Every village and town has the predominant temple, many with huge snakes around the perimeter ending with 10 snarling heads. The smaller spirit houses are everywhere, giving the spirits somewhere to dwell and thus protecting and prospering your home or business. There is food and water set out for these spirits and some even have ladders so they can get up into them! Also at the top of the highest mountain in the area there is usually a temple that can be seen from anywhere in the town. We climbed the 396 steps up to one of them. It was like Raiders of the Lost Ark, we had to pass through hundreds of wild monkeys that were everywhere at the base and half way up the steps. These stinky snarling aggressive monkeys would grab things right out of your hand if they thought it was food, so we didn’t take any bags and carried a big stick and made it to the top – great view though!

The pool for the hotel is saline rather than chlorine, so nice, and it’s an infinity pool so it looks like it is part of the ocean. The view from here is so beautiful. On the beach we rent beach chairs and a table for $10 Baht (about 30 cents) per day per person and just across the road is like an open food court. I loved the fresh fruit smoothies – for less than a dollar! There are very few tourists here and we practically have the beach to ourselves. The weather has been perfect, not too hot.

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