Thailand Vacation

Part Two – The Cruise

Flew to Singapore where we boarded the ship. Going through security they took a little 1″ knife Danny keeps on his keys, then in the plane they gave us stainless cutlery that included a knife? Coming in over the harbour of Singapore there were hundreds, literally hundreds of cargo boats in the water all lit up. If we have 20 ships in our harbour it’s a lot. What a spectacular site! Singapore is famous for this, they sort the cargo from one ship and then reload it onto other boats that are in turn shipped all over the world. Amazing thing to see.

Singapore is clean, you get fined if you litter or spit out your gum on the streets. After arriving at the hotel we went for a walk and met up with Michael and his family who are joining us on the cruise. Singapore is divided up into sections, Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, Western, it seems our hotel was in the Indian section. Everything is open 24 hours and at midnight there were lots of people on the street and in the restaurants. So we ate at a restaurant (a grill with some outdoor plastic tables and chairs on the corner of the street) that said – Indian Muslim food. Hmm, do we eat Western Christian food, or Italian Catholic food? But it was good and they served meat, so don’t know what the Muslim part was about other than support Muslims? So I guess we did. Tried to make eye contact with the man at the register, he would not look at me! Seems you have to order from this other guy who then tells the register guy what you ordered even though we were standing right there. Lots of yelling back and forth, but the food was real good. We had naan with mushrooms and cheese and dipping sauce. They were cooking it from scratch right there and we got it hot off the griddle. Yummy. We managed to find some fruit for breakfast, then returned to the Indian Muslim guy and had some more naan and Milo to wash it down, so good!

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