Thailand Vacation

Chiang Mai

Cooked tacos for dinner. Went to the market and couldn’t find any jalapeños, habañeros or avacados! I guess they do have avacados sometimes but they aren’t in season. It was funny cooking along side a couple Thai ladies cooking Mexican food with Thai ingredients 🙂 everyone loved them, even Tom (Danny’s) wife who usually has her own Thai food if we are eating Western food. Something different is the lack of serviettes. They always have a roll of toilet paper with them at all times and they just carry that to the table and it serves as serviettes and Kleenex as well. Occasionally the restaurant supplies their own roll of toilet paper and sometimes they even have a little plastic dispenser for the roll! Other places have very very thin little tissue squares that they use for serviettes. Since my nose runs if I eat spicy food and I seem to be a messy eater, I use up the whole supply regularly!

Danny has a live in maid. She is a cute little girl of about 16 from Burma who is always smiling. When you see a construction site, a lot of the labourers are girls, this is where this girl worked bricklaying. The work was too hard for her and she was having a hard time keeping up, so she was very happy to leave and come work for Danny. I must say it is easy to get used to leaving your dirty clothes out in the morning and have them washed, dried, ironed and folded on your bed that night. Call home while you’re out and get the vegetables chopped ahead and table set, then after just sit back and relax, the dishes are done for you, makes cooking a breeze! She is paid better than what she was bricklaying and has Sundays off – bonus! She will probably work for a few years then get married herself and they will get someone else. Most of the cooking is done in the outside kitchen and the table is also on the porch which makes it convenient for people to pop in and chat, and to wave at those walking by. What a life!

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