The taxi dropped us off at our cruise ship, The Celebrity Century and our luggage was whisked away immediately. Wow, there are thousands of people on this ship! It’s huge! It didn’t take us too long to get registered and on board, and then we hear, Michael Severson please report to guest services, so we know they made it. We head straight to the buffet for lunch, an amazing array of more food than we could possibly eat. Feeling a little guilty, what did I do to deserve all this? I am so blessed, beyond words. Dinner was in the dinning room off a menu with the choices changing daily. And what service! Tom found a waiter that spoke Thai so she was happy. The help is from around the world. The entertainment was an opera treo from Australia singing the classic opera songs we recognized, with a jazz song or two thrown in. They were excellent, what a treat to start us off.

Randy and I have made it a point to take the stairs to try to work all these extra calories off. The room is on the 9th floor, dining room on the 6th, pool and buffet on the 11th, so it seems we are always going up and down which is good since the ice cream bar (Randy’s temptation) and never ending supply of chocolate chip cookies (my temptation) is right on the way to the pool. The pool is sea water, very salty, but much better than chlorine. Last night before going to bed we sat and listened to a string treo, three young girls, they were excellent. The music around the ship has been very good in all the different styles.

Tomorrow Vietnam…

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