Our last port was Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Borneo is a large island with three different countries sharing it. Part of Indonesia is on this island as well as part of Malaysia, and the entire country of Brunei which was at one time the richest country per capita in the world because of its oil. The sultan is very very rich! Interesting little facts.

Malaysia is 65% Muslim. They eat no pork here – and in Thailand they eat only pork, no beef! Two of the main tourist attractions of this port are two gigantic beautifully manicured mosques. We visited their market which was disappointing compared to other markets we’d seen and then sat by the beach and checked our emails. The water was so nice and warm – I’m sure there are nice resorts here and in the outlying islands. This was a short excursion as we have a longer than usual trip back to Singapore. Getting back on the ship always requires going through immigration, everyone must have been on a tea break because there was no one there and we walked right through without being checked.

Back on the ship – our last day at sea – I was asked to participate in a jewelry fashion show. Donning two strands of Tahitian black pearls, one worth $20,000.00! Earrings to match and two beautiful 18mm pearl rings set with diamonds, I felt like a queen! It was fun to participate and nice to be chosen.

In the evening we passed several oil rigs all lit up like a hotel floating in the middle of the ocean with huge exhaust stacks burning off the excess natural gas. Quite a sight in the usual blackness of the night ocean. The cruise ship itself burns 40,000 gallons of fuel per day.

Our last day at sea and about 80 miles out of the Singapore harbour we start seeing container ships, one or two at first then many more. After seeing nothing but ocean in every direction this was different, a traffic jam in the sea! The closer we got the more ships appeared, then we were in the middle of hundreds of cargo boats of every size and shape for miles and miles. With the skyscrapers along the horizon the Singapore harbour is a sight to behold. The distinguishing building setting Singapore skyline apart from any other is three skyscrapers all joined at the top by a submarine looking structure full of trees and a huge swimming pool suspended between the top of these buildings. I’d read about this on the plane, the architect that won the bid for this job was a young man and this was his first project!

We’ve come to the end of our cruise. Excellent entertainment every night, being waited on hand and foot, the wonderful meals, the fun excursions, our bed made for us everyday – it’s going to be hard to come back to the real world!

I’ve so enjoyed reminiscing with my brothers and hearing stories I’ve never heard before, learning to appreciate them in a whole new way and loving them for who they are. Thank you both for being so generous, loving and kind to me your baby sister. With them I will always be the baby and will always feel young 🙂

I am so aware of my privileged place of birth, standard of living and most of all Christian heritage. I am so grateful, my heart is full.

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