Thailand Vacation

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Back in Chiang Mai getting ready for the Taiwanese kids. Danny is hosting them all at his house so Randy and I have moved to the home of an East Indian man who offered his house to us. He will be away and so we will have the house to ourselves. A very hospitable man who loves people, he told us to make ourselves at home and feel free to drink anything in his liquor cabinet, and as much as we want, don’t hold back 🙂 He was born in India but grew up in California, has an uncle in Vancouver and visits him every year. Has been very successful and came here to marry a Thai girl (3rd wife) and retire. But he has a gift for business and together with his new wife have started an export business, supplying some of his products to Costco. Danny buys coconut oil from him at a very good price.

The lifestyle here is relaxed and comfortable, there is always a little store or restaurant out of someone’s home that is within walking distance. The weather is perfect (at this time of year anyway), and most things are very affordable for us – like full meals for $3 and $5 messages 🙂 Biking through the little villages on winding single lane roads over the canals and by the rice paddies, people smile and wave, roosters crow and birds sing, it’s peaceful.

Danny has a friend here who is also from Canada. He moved to Thailand when he turned 65 and ended up marrying a Thai girl, his third wife. He does not have much money and lives simply, but has really been used in the area of healing here. Nothing flashy about him, he is just blessed to be used after all these years. After being prayed for at 9 years old he felt an impartation and always had a desire to pray for people but never really acted on it, life had a way of getting in the way. But now he is moving in that realm, at first he just simply prayed for someone and to his surprise they got miraculously healed. It was a man who had been deaf since birth, married and they were having a hard time conceiving and asked for prayer, while they prayed he felt the Lord say pray for his hearing, he just put his hand on the mans shoulder and said a simple prayer and the man started to hear. The sign language lady started to cry, then the man tried to speak and couldn’t, just sounds started coming out. They told him to say Jesus and after awhile was able to say the name of Jesus and within the next day or two was able to speak fluent Thai. He’s been praying for people ever since, still not flashy but simply. I’ve found him very humble, travelling to the villages and praying for people, seeing many healings and feeling more fulfilled than any time in his life. He was inspiring to me. Doesn’t matter how old you are, what you’ve been through in your life, how many times you’ve failed, a life that is repentant and submitted to God can be used by Him wherever they find themselves and in whatever circumstances. A lesson learned, don’t freeze frame people in their mistakes or failures, God doesn’t and He exalts the humble. Hope for us all!

2 comments on “Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Super post, Jacki. We loved our time in Thailand and look forward to a return visit. We were able to spend a week in Chiang Mai and environs. Lovely people and wonderful food. Your comments in the second part of your post are heart-warming, inspirational and wise. Ever thought of writing?


    • Thanks so much Mark, I really enjoy writing I’ve found out! I have started to write about Mike’s journey to salvation, then about our life after we married, if for nothing else for our kids to be able to tell their kids. But knowing there is someone reading the blog keeps me on task, so maybe when I get home I should write about our life on the blog first, that way it will keep me diligent! Appreciate the feedback, and coming from a teacher, I’m encouraged 🙂


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