Sunday – we went to an English church since this is the common language to us all – including the Taiwanese kids. It always blesses me to go to a church where I know no one and fit instantly into a body of believers, united by our faith in Jesus.

Lunch was a wonderful all you can eat buffet for $6 per person! Then to the new mall in the city which pretty well looks like any other mall in North America complete with all the same stores – amazing! The world has gotten small. Next stop the walking street market which is only on Sundays. The streets are blocked to traffic and become a huge market with probably 10 or more blocks in length and four or five cross streets that are at least 5 blocks each themselves. It is an inexhaustible array of handmade wares, trinkets, food, clothing, musicians, art and the most incredibly creative stuff you just have to have! We got there early which was good because as the afternoon wore on the crowds increased and it was crazy chaotic by the time we left.

It is my last night in Thailand and my wonderful trip is coming to an end. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. Having time to just relax and chat with my brothers has been really special. I am 11 and 13 years younger than my brothers and didn’t really know them growing up. As an adult I did get to know them better but I’ve never had this amount of time with them before.

Danny is very social, loves people and makes friends easily. It’s this quality that enabled him to travel around the world for two years as a young adult. One story I love is when he first arrived in England and was out of money, a man who gave him a ride ended up letting him stay at his house for a few days and lent him a substantial amount of money to help him get on his feet. Danny got a job, paid the man back and became life long friends, even traveling back to England to see him before he died. When it was time to come home he stowed away on a boat, but ended up becoming such good friends with the captain that he gave him a recommendation at the end of the voyage. Another thing I’ve realized is that he forgives easily, doesn’t hold a grudge and moves on.

Randy puts other peoples desires ahead of his own, he is generous and kind, polite, caring and patient. He seems quiet but ask him a question and he’ll talk for hours! He is up for anything, loves to explore and discover new places, a perfect companion for me on this trip!
Both of them are a wealth of knowledge on just about any subject and they are both very good cooks!

I am overwhelmed with gratitude, feel special and spoiled, my cup overflows. Thank you both for providing this once in a lifetime vacation for the three of us to be together.

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