We are off to Paraguay for a month to prepare for the John Maxwell Transformation Paraguay Event taking place in February 2016. We bring Global Priority Solutions (GPS) that will be the year-long follow-up program teaching universal principles and values. But before going to Paraguay we flew to Boston where Mike was sharing about GPS at a Hispanic Conference there. It has been 17 years since we’ve been back in the New England area where we lived for 4 years from 1993 – 1997. We arrived a few days early to see old friends and walk down memory lane while driving through the area and seeing the 2 houses we had lived in.

In Boston we were with Luis Morales, pastor of Vida Real (Real Life) Church in the Somerville part of the city. He came to the U.S. from El Salvador when he was 17 because he didn’t want to join the army, and after they came to his home with guns to kill him, he had to escape. He has attended Harvard, Princeton, and Gordon Cromwell and has 2 doctorates. The church is in a beautiful building that was built in 1895, complete with a bell tower. Pastor Luis also oversees several churches in El Salvador where he gives spiritual oversight as well as physical support.




Five of his brothers also came to the U.S. and between them they own 7 restaurants and a small Hispanic grocery store. He took us around the corner for dinner to his Mexican restaurant. It was authentic and really good, I had tamales, so yummy. Another night we went to their Brazilian restaurant. The meats were fabulous, homemade sausage, beef, pork, lamb, chicken, brisket, all on huge skewers cooked in an open oven. You choose your meats and they are sliced onto your plate. What a treat! Surrounded by Latinos, speaking only Spanish and eating Hispanic foods, it didn’t feel like we were the U.S. at all!

I love the Latin culture. They are all about family, and relationships are more important than schedules and time! They are passionate, affectionate, warm, inviting, responsive, and serve in a way that makes you feel special. They like their music loud, lively and long, have the best food in the world (my opinion), and are easy-going. What’s not to like?


Minding my own business at Starbucks while Mike and several of the pastors from the conference were having a meeting before the meeting, I met a young man, a friend of one of the pastors. He had just gone through a divorce and I was able to encourage him and speak into his life. He was quite emotional and gave me several hugs and said it was the whole reason he had come that day! I love it when God has a mission prepared and I am not even aware!

The conference was great and we made many new friends. One was a pastor from the Dominican Republic. This man is very connected in the DR and knows the president personally. We told him Jerry Anderson, President of GPS, was going to be in the DR the following week with John Maxwell. After returning home from the conference in Boston, this pastor was able to get an appointment that week for Jerry with the President’s right hand man. Divine appointments we couldn’t orchestrate if we tried.

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  1. sounds like a great start to an amazing and exciting trip! Love to hear these stories and share the experience with you. Love you!!


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