We were originally going to be staying in a hotel/apt. that included breakfast and had a small pool, but it was expensive. So the team found a brand new apartment that had a separate small kitchen/livingrm for a third of the price. No breakfast of course and no pool. The breakfast I can make, but the pool would have been really nice since the weather here averages in the 90’s.

Then we were told that there was a French club a block away from our apartment and thought we’d go see if we could use the pool once in a while. The manager looked doubtful, are you from France? This club is for Francophones only! But wait – Michel Poulin is a Francophone – from Canada, but still a Francophone. Well she would have to ask her boss. She gave us the requirements, the cost – yearly membership, monthly fees, and said she would email us.

That was Friday. All day Saturday and Sunday I was thinking to myself, can I really pray for this want? Certainly not a need, and maybe an extravagant want? Will her boss say yes or be a stickler about not being born in France? Even if we’re ‘accepted’ will the cost be too much? On Monday I thought it was too much to hope for, let it go, be grateful for what I have which is so much! Then the email came that night. If we would like to come back with two pictures, copies of our passports, fill the forms out, and $30 – (the annual fee waived), we can start using the club immediately!  I was blown away! $30! Wow! This is better than the hotel/apt. with a small pool, we now have access to a gym, restaurant, large pool, beautiful peaceful courtyard, games room, library, tea/coffee & sweet in the afternoon, and many lovely sitting areas inside. All for $30! I was so excited! A bonus is Mike has to force himself to speak French 🙂 A little difficult after speaking Spanish for the last 35 years and not speaking much French at all for the last 50! He understands, but to speak, the words are sometimes Spanish with a French accent. I love to hear him speak French and I even understand a lot of words with their Latin roots. We met a French lady and she invited us to come and join the lawn bowling that they do twice a week in the evening – maybe we’ll give that a try too if we have a night off 🙂

On the same day that we were ‘accepted’ to the club, we also received an invitation to a company dinner in downtown Vancouver at the Fairmont this coming January. It was while Mike was working in Guatemala with John Maxwell that he met the owner of this company that is based in our neck of the woods, Langley, BC, and they have since become good friends. The speaker of this day long company event will be John Maxwell and we are welcome to attend that as well. A nights stay at the Fairmont is also included! I am overwhelmed with God’s blessings!

Life is not always this easy – we have known our times of stress and struggle, when you wonder if its worth it to keep going, when you can’t imagine the future or any future at all! But it’s times like these that you are glad you were faithful, glad you persevered, glad you didn’t give up. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. We celebrate the rewards and God’s favour in our lives but the true rewards are when you see people’s lives change, to see transformation begin in the minds and hearts of people, to have a part in impacting nations. It’s more than we could have ever thought or imagined.

So Grateful!



2 comments on “Blessings!

  1. Carolyn Shaw

    Favour, favour, favour – it’s written all over the two of you!!! Your steadfast and unwavering commitment to God through every season of your life, has brought great blessing. Enjoy all that He has planned for you – as the best is yet to come!!!
    So happy for you both!!!



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