It’s been a week of meetings and appointments and stories. One night we went to the Columbia University to address volunteers for the upcoming event with John Maxwell in February. IMG_7196We will be needing a lot of volunteers to make this all happen. The goal is to get 700,000 people in round tables – 10% of the total population of Paraguay. One of the volunteers was a woman, Patricia – the President of the University itself. Her grandparents established the University in 1943 and she and her brother now run it. Just ten years ago her parents died in a tragic way. They were in a grocery store when a fire broke out and the owner of the store locked the doors because he didn’t want to be looted. As a result 400 people died in that fire, Patricia’s parents and a younger sister among them. The owner of the store was put in jail for this unbelievable decision based on greed. After hearing about the values and the process of the round table, Patricia stood up and said “it has taken me a long time to trust again, but hearing about this tonight, I’m opening up my heart and I want to be part of this”. A few days later Mike met with her and the process will begin for the staff and professors at the University to participate beginning with the launch in February.

Patricia and her husband

We met with University students who are volunteering as interpreters at The Hotel Paraguay – the oldest hotel in the city. They will interpret for the 200 Maxwell coaches who are coming for this event. The coaches are from all over the world, paying their own way to come and help transform a nation. I’ve been doing follow-up phone calls to these young University students to make sure that their English is indeed good enough to do the tough job of interpreting for each coach during the event.

Two indigenous women at the entrance - I thought they were statues at first, they had been there all day in the exact same position.
Two indigenous women at the front – I thought they were statues at first, they had been there all day in the exact same position.

There was a meeting with the Social Security branch of the Government. The largest in the entire country with 16,000 employees. Mike met with the President of the SS first privately, and then with about 60 department heads.


There have been meetings with businessmen, churches, companies, government and the press. Mike had a photo shoot and did an interview for a popular magazine and was interviewed on two different radio stations. Everyone is getting on board to start doing round tables, introducing values from the book of Proverbs put together with a vision by an Amish man in a little town in Berlin, Ohio. We all matter, each person matters, we all have a job to do, there is a purpose for each one of us.


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