Moving Forward

These last two weeks of meetings included the Executive Branch of the Government with over a hundred people, Mike gave a presentation to them on the importance of values. After that meeting he had private meetings with the Chief of the Supreme Court, the Leader of the Senate and the Leader of the Congress to get their buy in for the national launch of Transformation Paraguay in February when John Maxwell and his team come. Then a meeting with the Vice President of Paraguay’s staff.



People are getting excited about the possibility of change, first for themselves, then for their companies and ultimately their Government and country. John brings a message to leaders, we are all leaders to some degree, and Global Priority brings the how with a process of discussion and accountability around values and principles. The largest cell phone provider in the nation representing 3.5 million people is all in. He will be starting round tables with the heads of all departments then eventually doing them with all 5,000 employees. AIMG_1426 motorcycle and bicycle company with 4,000 employees, Mercedes-Benz, Universities, 200 cadets at the police academy and bank Presidents all participating. Articles in the Newspaper and magazines, multiple interviews on the radio. The momentum is building and the excitement is growing.


There will be 200+ coaches coming from the U.S., Canada and around the world. Most do not speak Spanish so we are recruiting interpreters. My contribution is to call all the people who have signed up for the job of interpreting, have a dialogue in English with them and then get them to translate a short English dialogue into Spanish. I then rate them on a scale of 1-3. I’ve had a lot of great conversations! Quality people getting involved on all levels.

The Transformation Paraguay Team is made up of Bruno who is the President, Tim and Gabbi who are the Presidents of the Maxwell Foundation and who are also Maxwell certified coaches and have their own consulting business. There is Adan with his servant heart who has been Mike’s GPS helping him get to all his meetings, Adrianna the administrative office manager who works so hard all day and is at almost every evening meeting as well, Susana the photographer and graphics designer, Pietro who has his own business and volunteers his time to help with computer issues and communications, Cynthia, Natalia and Angela who do a lot of the calling and making appointments and whatever else is needed, and several others. The office is a hive of busyness.


We’ve had people recognize us at the grocery store, mall, and at restaurants. Often when we talk to people, they’ve heard of Transformation Paraguay, or John Maxwell’s kick off event that he did last year with the promise to come back this February to launch The Transformation Project. The momentum is growing – and so is the stress! There is a lot to do! So many meetings, Public Relations and trainings that need to happen in the next 2 months!

But first everyone is going to take time off for Christmas. We are going home too. Then we’ll be back at the beginning of January to keep signing people up, keep the idea of Transformation before them and the vision that it can be done! No one can do it alone, but together it’s possible. As Mike illustrates often in his talks, one inviting one, then every day each one inviting one, and in just 23 days you have 8 million people (pop. of Py) introduced to Transformation Paraguay.

Transformation begins with me!

2 comments on “Moving Forward

  1. This is so great! One inviting one, makes a big difference! I really like the simple yet practical call to action that everyone can be a part of!


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