Home for the Holidays

We were flying out real late Saturday night (2:00am) and that afternoon Mike got very sick, not wanting to reschedule the flight he pushed through. Thank goodness for the VIP lounges where there are comfortable seats and refreshments! Flying is no fun when you are sick. After 22 hours of travelling we were back home in our own bed – priceless!

There were so many things to do that the time flew by way too fast.


The First night home was Emma’s piano recital, she was second up, played her piece flawlessly, curtsied and rushed back to her seat – she did so well for her debut in front of a crowd at the grand old age of 5.



Then the next day was Grandparents Day with Cohen, Cade and Mya at their school.

To celebrate my birthday (Dec. 5) and Lisa’s birthday (Jan. 28) all the Poulin girls went downtown IMG_7412 (2)to the Stanley Theatre to see  – A Christmas Story – so fun! After we strolled around Granville street then ate at the Flying Pig in Yale Town.




There was the church banquet, Cohen’s (or Cade’s, or Mya’s) hockey games, dinners out and last minute shopping. On the 21st Hale (Lisa’s husband) flew in from Florida, our family was complete!

Juggling two police schedules meant we had our family Christmas on the 23rd this year. And as our tradition is, we rented a skating rink in the morning and the whole family gets out on the ice to play hockey (I push the stroller around, trying not to get hit with a flying puck!) It’s so fun – and so Canadian 🙂




Boxing Day (the day after Christmas for Canadians) we had a big breakfast with bubble and squeak (anybody know what that is?) and were getting ready to go to the movies when Mike discovered water in the hallway! We caught it early, but since it was sewer water, the whole section of flooring and the carpet in our bedroom had to be ripped up and all our furniture piled in the living room. This is the second time this has happened, we’d gotten the pipe line fixed just last January so what could be the problem? Turns out the cap from the pipe in the driveway cracked and fell down the sewer pipe, totally blocking the sewer line to the city sewer. A fluke thing. With heat and water turned off we headed for the same hotel we’d been in at the beginning of the year! We were having a bad case of deja vu! Turns out the carpet and flooring won’t be in until the end of January, so we ended up staying in the hotel until we left again for Paraguay. Thank you Lord that it didn’t happen before Christmas. My theme has been “Let it go, let it go” – someone should write a song about that 🙂

The water and heat got turned on in a couple of days so Devan & Amy were able to move back to their home in the upstairs which is a blessing, a little hotel suite with 3 kids is a bit crowded. It was fun to swim in the pool and go in the hot tub though, all an adventure for the kids.

January 2nd we were invited to Jeff Williams company party downtown at the Vancouver Hotel which included two nights stay at this beautiful heritage hotel. This included a private fundraiser with John Maxwell for his foundation for Transformation Paraguay the first night. I finally got to meet John personally, I’d heard so much about him from Mike. He is very personable and down to earth. The next day, Jeff’s  gift to his company, a 3 hour session with John. The masquerade banquet in the evening in the grand ballroom was the icing on the cake. Wow! What a wonderful couple of days!

IMG_7547 IMG_7540









Our time went by way too fast, with too many things to do! Our flight back to Paraguay was cancelled due to mechanical failure – thank you lord for the mechanical failure! It gave us a much needed extra day to sleep and get those loose ends tied up before we left.

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