Paraguay – Round Two

4:30am came early Saturday morning to get to the airport, then we didn’t arrive in Paraguay until 5:00am on Sunday. After a couple of hours of sleep we went grocery shopping to set ourselves up again and off to the French Club to get the kinks out. The pool is quite a bit warmer now (do I dare complain it’s too warm?) and is surrounded by huge trees that are filled with birds. As I got the harness out for my new binoculars that I got for Christmas, Mike rolled his eyes. He didn’t know he was married to a nerd.IMG_7591

Just wait until I put that bathing cap on with the flowers on top 🙂 I saw several different birds right away – I love this! Back at the apartment I go on-line to figure out what I saw. I identified a Great Kiskadee, a Rufous Hornero, a Sayaca Tanager, Picui Ground Doves (2 of them – they are always in pairs), and my favourite so far is the Red-Crested Cardinal (not related to our Cardinals up north). It’s nick name is Red Kramer (from Seinfeld) because of the hair 🙂 Will need to get out of the city to hopefully see some of the more exotic birds that live down here.

The Red Kramer







It’s back to work on Monday after a wonderful relaxing day. Eight o’clock sharp Mike is ready to go in his suit and tie. The appointment is to speak to the Senate. There was standing room only at the 100 seat auditorium. What an incredible opportunity.


In the evening if we go out to dinner, there is no one in the restaurants, not a soul! The staff is all there, tables set, music playing and no people. Such a strange feeling. IMG_7584 (1)But what we’ve found out is that the people here go out to eat after 9 and at 10 or 11 the restaurants are buzzing. We’ve come to realize, it is so much more pleasant after the sun goes down to stroll around and sit in an outdoor restaurant – which many are. Almost all vegetables are eaten cold, and the tea (Mate) is also drunk cold. Who wants something hot when it is so hot out! The weather is averaging in the hundreds, (or 38+ celsius) every day. One night our lights went out, immediately the apartment started to heat up, fortunately the electricity came on within the hour.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the prices in a nicer restaurant is about the same as eating out in Vancouver! The clothes in the nicer shops the same. Things in the Pharmacies are equivalent to BC prices. But the wages here are a fraction of what they are at home. Somebody is making a lot of money, a lot more than their counterparts in Canada! The rich live very well, the poor seem to have no way to get out of poverty. This has always bothered me. The excesses in Government, and the poor stay so poor. Raising the awareness of values will help. Hard work is valuable. Corruption should not be tolerated, everyone is important, honesty is paramount and Transformation begins with me!

This week Mike was on TV twice – ‘La Mañana’ the Good Morning talk show. HIMG_7575e went to the women’s prison, met with two mayors, the national cell phone company and with the pastor of the mega church in the city – they want to train 1000 facilitators. There have been phone conference calls with 120 Maxwell coaches who are coming to help do Round Tables with the businesses and Government agencies that have signed up. It’s been a productive week, but only 10 more days to go before the big event! Lots of preparations going on at the office and ironing out the never-ending details. There are going to be 290 people coming from around the world, that means we need 250 interpreters, hotel rooms, itineraries and transportation for over a thousand appointments for the coaches to go and train facilitators in the round table methodology. And of course a party to plan that wraps it all up. There will be gifts and ceremonies with dignitaries. This is a huge deal! What a privilege to be a part of it all!







2 comments on “Paraguay – Round Two

  1. So awesome to put the new binoculars to use!! I hope you have started a journal of some kind of all the different birds you see! Dad loves the inner nerd in you!! 😉 love you!!


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