Transformation Paraguay




Bruno – President Transformation Paraguay

Tim & Gabi Maxwell Coaches -Team Paraguay



Guatemala was the first country we brought Transformation to as a nation. Around 145 Maxwell coaches committed to pay their own way, pay their own hotel and food and go to Guatemala to make this goal become a reality. That was in June, 2013. One of these coaches was Gaby Teasdale from Paraguay. She got it in her spirit that they needed to do this in her beloved country of Paraguay, Paraguay needs Transformation! Gabi had John sign her passport and he wrote the word Transformation. She also had him sign her copy of his book ‘The 15 Laws of Personal Growth’. The following week back in Paraguay, they were invited to a reception where the President also attended – she gave him the book. She started talking to everyone who would listen. She needed a letter of invitation from the president, she got that. She persisted and arranged a meeting with John in Orlando Florida. Through her tenacity she was able to get a commitment from him to come to Paraguay to bring the teaching of values that create Transformation. John, along with his team, 220 coaches and Mike with the Round Table training, purposed to make that happen.

Transformation Paraguay began February 1st, the exact week that Paraguay became a democracy – 27 years ago. It started with John speaking to all the coaches and 300 interpreters. Everyone was filled with emotion and the realization of what was about to take place and that they were going to be an integral part of transforming their country. The office team moved into three different hotels and set up the ‘war room’ with 70,000 workbooks that included 16 weeks worth of values. Bookmarks with the 5 steps of the Round Table, Paraguayan pins, name tags, 25,000 copies of John Maxwell’s latest book, lists of coaches, lists of airport pick-ups, lists of interpreters, lists of appointments with businesses, government, police, schools and churches and the daily schedule. People were coming from everywhere in the world, 290 in all!


Every morning started at 5:00am for breakfast and the first appointments started at 6:00. The interpreters lined up on the stairs and coaches waited in the main ballroom to be paired up and sent out on their assignment. There were cars outside waiting to pick them up and they were off. Several Spanish speaking coaches were flown to cities farther away. It was organized chaos! I was amazed at how random it was and yet Coaches often got the same interpreter several times. Also in many cases, the appointments they went to were in an area of expertise they themselves had or was of interest to them. Only God!

12688099_10153928141126323_6905089815837441916_nEach appointment lasted 3 hours; the round table was explained and modelled, then the group formed smaller groups of 4 to practice. This was the training of the facilitators; leaders in their companies and heads of departments. With over 1000 appointments averaging 20 people each, 20,000 facilitators have been trained. These 20,000 are going to begin their round tables of 5 the following week; 100,000 people will be doing round tables for the next 16 weeks. Wow! Many coaches and interpreters have become life long friends, the electricity in the air is tangible, transformation has already begun in the hearts of both the coaches and the interpreters. The Paraguay people are so grateful, so encouraged and motivated; but it is us who have received so much more from them, it is truly our privilege to be a part of this historic event.

While the coaches were out doing Round Table training, John Maxwell was kept busy being interviewed for the newspaper, radio and television, meeting with the mayor, the President of the National University, the American Ambassador and a group of over 700 Pastors.

12662631_942480632501286_2552920232170773922_nHe met with the Congress and then on the way out stopped to speak to the families who live in shanties that line the road just outside the Senate building. The President of the Senate commented that it was the first time he had seen anyone leave the congress and stop to speak to these people. John talked with them, hugged them and gave many of them a copy of   his book.12645216_942480655834617_3681436270561380316_n

He flew in a private jet with the director of Itaipu to take a tour of the Dam, plant a tree and speak with the VIP’s.

At the Dam - Itaipu

He also spoke to 1500 businessmen there – standing room only with a line-up outside. He visited the Asunción dump and met with Favio Chávez who leads the Landfill Harmonic Orchestra. He spoke to the interpreters, to the coaches, to pastors, to influential businessmen from Asunción and to donors who came to Paraguay to see. He did not disappoint.

His ability to take years of study and experience and condense it down to the essence of what a leader is (we are all leaders to some degree), how to become better leaders, and encourage, challenge and inspire all at the same time is an amazing gift. There were many tears as he brought all the emotions into perspective of what we were attempting to do, to bring hope and a way to transform first of all ourselves and then show others how to begin this process for themselves and as a result begin to transform a nation. It won’t happen overnight, but we’ve lit a fire that is starting to catch hold of young and old alike, rich and poor, educated or not. Universal values apply to all ages, cultures and societies. It’s simple and easily duplicated. It’s effective and powerful. There are already many wonderful stories of hearts opening up and commitments made to take steps to improve. There is acceptance as everyone is valued, and accountability is built in. God’s universal laws are being taught to some people for the very first time. People are prepared in places and we trust the Holy Spirit to move on people creating the change needed to transform them and in turn to transform their country. We are humbled. To be part of this extraordinary project is more than we could have ever asked for or thought of or even imagined.


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  1. What a great summarization of what’s been going on! Love reading what God is doing with Dad and SO fun to get to see how God is using you and that you and Dad can be together! What a blessing! Thanks for sharing this! Love your blog!!




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