Iguazu Falls are actually half in Brazil and half in Argentina. Ciudad del Este is the Paraguayan border town you pass through to get to the bridge that crosses the Paraná river into Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil. The river is totally brown from the heavy rains that have been washing the red dirt into it. C. del Este is a hive of busyness with vendors of every imaginable product. The sidewalks are totally lined with street merchants and very old run-down buildings stand side by side with modern high-rises.


We went between two vendors into a door that said Sax. Inside there was nothing but an elevator. We went up to the 6th floor which opened up to a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the river and Brazil. The restaurant was elegant, cloth table clothes, chandeliers, very proper waiters, and a great atmosphere. Apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli were at the opening of this restaurant just a few years ago. Such a contrast!


Ruben, a law student in his final year, and his sister Mirian manage the hotel we are staying at. They are excited to host the meetings for the Round Table training and gave us three nights free at their beautiful brand new ‘green’ hotel.



Ruben and a friend came with us to the falls and drove us there in his BMW.  As we got close to the border, the road was lined with money changers, he picked one and we got some Reales for the day. Crossing the border we did not have to stop, there were not even any guards. So many people cross back and forth to shop on the Paraguayan side and see the falls on the other side. Further down into the country you have another crossing where you need a visa to enter.

On the way to the falls we stopped at an Avery. The colours of the birds were stunning. Hard to imagine these birds just flying around in the wild. God’s creation is unbelievably beautiful.


Next stop – the falls. After entering the gates we parked and got on a bus. The drive was a good 15 minutes through protected parkland. A walkway lead us down to the falls, as you go around a bend there are more falls, and more falls, it just keeps going and going, and this was just the Brazilian side! Someday I hope to be able to come back and see the Argentinian side.

IMG_7837 9.46.17 AM

Eventually the walkway heads out into the water and the spray from the falls completely drenched us. A welcome cooling off from the intense heat. This is where part of the movie ‘The Mission’ was filmed.

IMG_7883There are no words to describe the incredible diversity and beauty of God’s creation. From birds to waterfalls, it’s humbling and awe-inspiring.

What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them? Psalms 8:4 

2 comments on “Iguazu

  1. Those falls!! I can just imagine how delicious that water would have felt after walking around in the heat all day! And those birds are so beautiful! I hope you get to see the falls from Argentina too!!


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