What’s next?

Mike has been working hard, but when a person is in their gifting it energizes and is fun. Mike en Columbia (8 de 16)Mike is in his element and I get to come along for the ride! What a blessing to be able to share in these experiences with him. To travel and see new places, new cultures and meet new people is the icing on the cake for me. The quality of people who came to help bring Transformation to Paraguay is extraordinary. People who want to make a difference in the world, to have significance, to give and serve unselfishly. The 300 interpreters who signed up to help were absolutely awesome – Brenda (a volunteer) and I called every one of them to rank them and weed out the wannabes. We are attempting to transform an entire nation! It’s really staggering, to be part is just too wonderful, we are so privileged.


The 220 Maxwell coaches who came to Paraguay went to 932 appointments in 3 1/2 days. One in the morning – a quick lunch – and another one in the afternoon. Each appointment was a 3 hour seminar to train people in the Round Table methodology. These 932 appointments resulted in 20,000 people trained to begin the Round Table with four co-workers the following week at their workplace. 100,000 people reading, discussing and committing to do an action step to increase each value in their personal lives. These values and principles out of the book of Proverbs are God’s blueprints for doing life and are being sown into the nation. 700,000 people is 10% of the population of Paraguay and the tipping point. We want to turn the 100,000 people into 700,000 over the next few years and change a nation! It is a huge goal, it is beyond ourselves, but as John Maxwell says, we’ve left ‘God room’. We can’t do it alone, we need a team, we need people who catch the vision and pass it along to their employees, then we need these people to take it to their families and friends. Not just a program, but a way of life. Not for someone else to ‘get it’, but to change ourselves, be the change, live the change, affect change.

It is possible, we are committed, convinced, and paying the price to set things in motion to change this nation! It is hard to wrap our minds around this, to really believe that people will change, that individuals will have an influence on their families, friends, ways of doing business, and ways of leading their country, but we are plunging ahead, together with other crazy people who also believe it can happen. We can’t wait to hear the stories of transformation, of changed lives, of people grabbing a hold of hope and seeing the change happening in and around them. It won’t be overnight, it will take dedication, long after the hype of the first push is gone, to stay the course and be committed to hang in there when life takes a turn or when there are disappointments; but the team here on the ground are just those kind of people. This is not a job, it is a calling, a mission and a way of life.


From Paraguay we spent a couple of days in Houston, celebrating Valentine’s Day together with Alfredo & Elvia, our longtime friends from Mexico. IMG_8289We visited Joel Osteen’s Church and were very impressed. The message was that God always balances the books, maybe not right away, or when we want it, but in the end He always balances the books, something good to keep in mind.

Then we travelled to Ohio to do a training of Global Priority Specialists. A great training and wonderful people getting involved.


I love Amish Country. Mike calls it the Disneyland of Principles and Values. Deals are still made with a handshake, stores leave their wares out all night. Berlin has no mayor or police force, they are self-governed.

Marie – wife of the late John Schrock – founder of LaRed with Mike & Bernie

IMG_8336 (1)

The food is homestyle and the baked goods are all homemade.

The way of life and the serenity of the area is unique.



We even caught a hockey game in Cleveland (American League) before heading out early the next morning. Sat right at ice level where we could see their faces and jump every time they slammed into the boards in front of us. This is the arena where the Cavaliers play basketball. We had passes to go to the lounge between periods where there was a buffet set up. It was fun. Thanks Ernie & Melody!


Home at last! Just a week for Mike – then he is off again to Guatemala and then back down to Paraguay to meet up with John. Stay tuned for the next event planned for March 28th when John will return to Paraguay to speak to the facilitators who now have been doing the Round Tables for 8 weeks. John will encourage them to continue and to keep challenging themselves to keep lining up with God’s principles. He will be giving each facilitator a copy of his latest book, ‘Intentional Living’ and speaking about the four pictures of God. Maxwell’s Leadership Bible in Spanish will be given to those wanting to begin their spiritual journey. We are excited and looking forward to this next event and hearing their stories.

I am savouring every minute, drinking in every second of these exciting days. I feel like I did when we were first married before we had kids and all those responsibilities, and I was so responsible – the adventurous side of me taking a back seat. Well it’s definitely back in the driver’s seat, of course I’m still responsible, it’s who I am, but it’s so much fun to let the adventurous side drive for a while. Seeing new places, eating new food, meeting new people, the cares of the world on hold for a little while. Grateful to have health to enjoy it and knowing we are making a difference in the world at the same time.

Our journey continues.



4 comments on “What’s next?

  1. david sheppard

    Good report guys. Can I condense down some of it for our Mxn Revista ALIANZA ( Next issue come out Apr 1 – I’d sure love to have that report to tell of what is happening in Paraguay!! Blessings guys. Love, David & Rowene


  2. Lisa Leal

    Awww Momma!! I love your adventurous side and I’m so grateful that you get to indulge in it in this new season! I admire that side of you so much! Love reading your blogs and seeing the world through your eyes, you are a great writer! Love you!!!


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