GPS – Global Priority Solutions

Every GPS training in Ohio has a unique set of people who attend. This one was no different with Ireland, Denmark, Honduras, Mexico, Canada (Winnipeg) and the U.S. represented. What an eclectic group and so fun!

Jimmy from Honduras shared some of his story. The son of an American missionary, he grew up in Brazil and Guatemala. He was sent to the U.S. to go to high school but got in with the wrong crowd and was failing every subject. His mother signed for him to go into the military under age. He spent 8 years there and ended up in special operations. After leaving the military he got heavily involved in the Mafia for the next 6 years. Fearing for his life he went back to Guatemala and married a girl named Jessica.

Immediately after they were married Jessica realized he was still dabbling in drugs. After 3 years they separated and Jimmy went to Honduras. He kicked his drug habit once and for all, totally surrendered his life to God and started a rehab ministry. Jessica eventually joined him in Honduras where they have now been working for the last 25 years. They have 2 biological children and at the moment 48 other children that they care for. Most of these have been brutally abused. They still have the rehab center and have added care for pregnant teens, average age 10-14, most of them victims of rape. They run a school for the children and teach them to make shoes which they are selling in 16 different stores in Honduras. This is just scratching the surface of the miracles these two have experienced.


Patty from Mexico has been part of GPS and LaRed for many years. She has such a heart for her nation. She brought five others with her who also want to see change in Mexico and who are working hard to make a difference. One of them is Sara. Her first child was born with an incurable disease – he was not expected to live past 8 years old and most of that time would be a vegetable. Her husband, Edgar is a chemical engineer who dedicated his time to finding a cure for his son, and he did! Their son is now 27 years old and totally normal. They now live in the U.S. where he has manufactured vitamins, supplements and organic products such as mayonnaise, ketchup, a stevia based sweetener among many other things. He also created his own network marketing company where he sells all his original products that he has developed. He wrote a book called ‘In the Name of My Son’ and Sara also wrote a novel based on their story called ‘The road to Paradise’. They still have a factory in Mexico and are passionate about bringing change to their mother country.

Ireland was represented by Joanne whom we met in Paraguay. She is a Maxwell coach and really loved the Round Table method so came to get certified bringing three other lovely Irish people with her. They want to make a difference in their country. They have created ‘LIFT’ – ‘Leading Ireland’s Future Together’ that will be rolled out this June. They will use the Round Table method to teach values and LIFT Ireland from a good place to a better place.  


Denmark was represented by six Danes who are excited to go home and start teaching values in their country. One of them has a heart to take values to The United Emirates. All this began two years ago as a dream of Debbie and Randy Stroman who just stepped out in faith and went to Denmark to share values in that country. Are they Danish? No. Do they speak the language? No. But already they have a great team around them who are excited to bring values to Denmark.

There were the three Mueller brothers and a daughter, Elan from Canada who have a family business together – they have caught the vision, not only for their company but for their city, province and nation!


From the U.S. there was Hector from Homeboy Industries in LA that serves high risk, former gang members. Pastor Dave from Berlin, Ohio who has been working with LaRed from the beginning. Terence the president of the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation. Andres from NY who helped translate the GPS material into Spanish and a church team from Lancaster, Ohio.


Lancaster Team

What a privilege to be part of these trainings. The people we meet touch our hearts and become friends for life. We have a common bond, and that is to share God’s values that make life work with the world, starting with me. As I change I affect the people around me, my family, my co-workers, who in turn affect others and so on.

We have nations in our sight.




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